Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hey all -

Sorry for the lack of updates, It has been an insane month that seems to be the beginning to an insane year for the next 12 months or so. I'm currently working on Villains (April 2006 from Viper Comics), I got 10 pages coming up in The Legends of Middleman and a Pin-up in the Middleman Trade (both from Viper Comics, December for both I believe), we're still waiting word on The Hurricane Kids, so that may still happen next year, (I'm sure something will happen there, it's just a matter of when) and I've got a couple other ideas kicking around the old noggin so I'll definitely be staying busy.

On the family front everything is still cooking along. J got a job so she can high-tail it to Europe next year for a cousin's wedding, so I'm spending much more time alone with the boys at night now so I'm trying to get back into the groove on that. The older 3 just finished soccer and I coached Aiden's 5-6 year old team to a stellar 6-2 record including 4 straight shutouts. (But we don't keep score, yeah right.) Ash is finally getting to the age where him being small is sticking out like a sore thumb and he had a hard time competing with the older kids in his 7-9 age group. But his gymnastics is still going strong (he has a six-pack and can do hand stand push-ups). The baby would make me a fucking millionaire if I just sent off some photos to a talent agency (as would the other 2), so I have no idea why I'm not pimping the kids out for my own gain. The Texas comic convention went great as we met some swell fellas and had a blast. I'm looking forward to the next convention that's not San Diego Comic-Con.

We also got a dog.