Thursday, January 05, 2006

Getting Back

My Year In Review Pt.1

Ryan Cody

3rd Period

2005 was a very interesting year for myself, perhaps the most interesting in quite a few.

Professionally. - When the year started I was just beginning to sketch again and draw on a more frequent basis and a few months later I decided to email a “web” buddy of mine named Mark Andrew Smith about possibly writing a concept of mine I used to call The Replacement Heroes. Mark was already an established writer with a great project called “The Amazing Joybuzzards” that is published by Image Comics. (It has gained widespread critical acclaim and is a great read as well). Well, Mark shot me down as his schedule was all full up, but he did introduce me to a swell fella by the name of Grant Alter who ended up being interested. So we ended up collaborating (my first time) on what ended up being The Hurricane Kids. We put together a pitch and have had some small press interest and we are still talking with a top indy publisher about it. Through Grant I also met great guys like Greg, Robbi and Russ from Image’s Hero-Camp, and through those guys I ended meeting a lot of cool people in Dallas at Wizard World Texas. Later in the spring I also met and collaborated with a writer by the name of Adam Cogan on a project called Villains. In July I attended the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in 10 years and met a few artists and writers and pitched my 2 projects. Villains was greeted enthusiastically by the fine folks at Viper Comics and the first issue will drop in April 2006. Also in October Grant, Russ and myself produced a 20 page Hurricane Kids comic on our own dime, which we are very proud of and some are still available, email me if you’re interested. So on top of starting a small, budding comic career, I’ve also had published pin-ups in The Amazing Joybuzzards Vol.1 trade, Hero-Camp #4 (also featuring artwork from my son Ash) and Grounded #4, all from Image Comics. So it was a good year and I’m looking forward to 2006 with great anticipation. I plan to attend a few cons this year and on top of Villains and HK I also have few other projects in various stages. So keep checking the blogs often.

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions because they always get broken but this year I would still like to produce work on time and get better at it, and maybe get a more professional work ethic and method. I also would like Villains to sell somewhere in the 4,000-5,000 range and gain a solid following. Indy comics are a hard market competing with the big boys, but I’m ready for it I think. Maybe later in the week I’ll post some personal reflections and hopes.