Thursday, March 31, 2011


If you missed ICARUS when I ran it on my site, and are too stubborn to drop .99 on a digital copy, then you're in luck. The fine fellas at Robot6, the super-cool blog hosted by mega-site is serializing the comic online, with new pages every Mon, Wed, & Fri. Even if you did read it when I was posting pages, it would mean a lot if you could hop over and leave some comments, to encourage other people to do the same. I have a goal in mind of what I want to accomplish with Icarus and a major part of that is increasing viewership to increase downloads. The first page and intro is up here, so bookmark and visit often.

Oh and here is some eye-candy for you, a recent gift for a best friend who is getting married Saturday in Tokyo.

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 for 5!

Kitty' gave ICARUS #1 a stellar review. 5/5 isn't too shabby. Some of my fave bits are....

At first glance it just appears as if it’s about an assassin that kills supers. But as the issue goes on, the premise expands and the last page really knocks it for a loop and turns the idea of the story onto it’s head.

And the last page was a total surprise. That happens so rarely in comics nowadays.

Icarus #1 receives
5 out of 5

A dynamite first issue with an ending that is a total surprise.

Thanks to those fine fellas and if you haven't downloaded Icarus #1 yet, get hopping. It's only $1 on

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MARS pin-up

A pin-up for my comic ICARUS featuring a character called Mars. He will play a pretty significant role in the book. I am so happy my friend Andy Kuhn decided to contribute, his work is so dynamic and graphic and awesome. Andy drew it and I colored it.

Here is the black and white image before I messed it all up with colors.

Friday, March 18, 2011

UFC 128 Picks

Brendan Schaub V. Mirko Filipović - I think Shaub is a real up and comer in a lackluster division. I think he beats Crop Cop pretty easily. I'd like to see him face off with Mir. My pick - Shaub via Decision.

Nate Marquardt V. Dan Miller - Miller is a late replacement and he's in deep trouble. I'm sure he took the bout to get in the good graces with the UFC as well as getting a big shot on the PPV. He has lost to any top tier middleweights he has faced in the UFC and Nate should run through him. My pick - Marquardt via highlight TKO. Nate will probably get the chance to beat the shit out of Michael Bisping after this.

Jim Miller V. Kamal Shalorus - On paper this seems like a highlight fight for Miller and a way for the UFC to dismiss one of their many lightweights if Shalorus loses. Miller has more wins over more elite competition but he's not in the mix at lightweight yet, not in my opinion. Miller would need to get past a Clay Guida, Anthony Pettis or even a Ben Henderson to put his name on the shortlist. My pick - Miller via Decision.

Urijah Faber V. Eddie Wineland - Two former WEC champs going at it. Faber is the more hyped fighter and someone the UFC wants to continue to build up and a co-headline bout on this card is huge exposure for them both. Everyone and their mother is picking Faber and I see no reason no too as well. My pick - Faber via Decision.

Maurício Rua V. Jon Jones - I am a big Shogun fan and while I admit Jon Jones is something special to watch, I think it's too soon for his title shot. He has not faced even a top 5 light heavyweight. His best competition was Ryan Bader (who I picked to win) and he ran through him like a freight train. Still, the difference between Bader and the Lyoto Machidas and Rampage Jacksons of the world is huge. I think Jones will hold the belt someday, but if Shogun is 100% with his knee injury I think he takes this. My big concern is that Jones will take Shogun down at will. I just hope that Shogun's game off his back will be enough to convince Jones to keep it standing. Jones is a beast, so is Shogun and I am super excited for this fight. I do not want to see Jones win the belt, at least not yet. Long live Shogun, I'm picking him via TKO but I am not super confident in it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Game

I recently did a color job over my friend Scott Godlewski on a pin-up for Shannon Denton's upcoming TPB Big Game. I had a blast doing this. If you like it, a print can be ordered through my DeviantArt account.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drive-thru comics. now carries my comic Icarus. I write, draw, color and even letter this adventure/superhero/assassin comic and have gotten some great reviews on it. If you have not picked it up yet, it's only $1 and the money I make will help me move forward with the series. Issue #2 is in production and should be out the end of next month.

"Icarus #1 is a somewhat gritty assassin comic where there are solid characters being introduced. Cody's illustrations are a perfect fit for the subject matter. " - Jonathon Pilley -

"Wow. This first issue blew me away. I was really, really surprised with this one. Written, drawn, inked and created all by Ryan Cody; ICARUS #1 is an intriguing first issue that zigs when you think it'll zag and continues to leave you spinning right up until the last page. Fans of Dini's BATMAN ADVENTURES, Bendis' POWERS, Brubaker's SLEEPER, and Eisner & Cooke's THE SPIRIT (books I hold in very high regard) will definitely find ICARUS as much of a surprise as I did." - Ambush Bug

"His style has the same crime noir feel that Michael Oeming's Powers has, which works well for the story. There is a definite secret and conspiracy feel to this title, and the art direction definitely complements that theme." - Jonathon Chuang -

Monday, March 07, 2011

Emerald City Comic-Con 2011 re-cap

The Emerald City, Seattle, one of my favorite cities in North America. I spent the last 3 days up there for the always magnificent Emerald City Comic-Con. This is my 3rd year being a guest up there and each year has been better than the last.

I didn't get to the show until about an hour and a half after it started on Friday but once I set up it was pretty busy. My busiest day actually. The Thor print I made sold really well (sold out halfway through Saturday) and I sold some original art too, making it a great start to the convention. People love Thor. I was set up next to Brian Churilla, a fantastic artist and writer who everyone should be aware of if they weren't already. I was also across from my buddies at Steamcrow who I love dearly and always are able to supply me with tape, sound advice and evil stares. I was beat Friday night after the drive down to Phoenix and the flight and all the running around so after a nice dinner at Dragonfish, we called it an early night.

The first sketch of the show was this SPIRIT which I had a lot of fun with. Saturday started out pretty well, I sold a lot of prints and some ICARUS comics. In the end though, there seemed to be a huge crowd of people that just weren't into my work. It happens at every show and I totally understand it. I was feeling a bit low at the end of Saturday but after having a few drinks and meeting up with my writer (and publisher) of the Jesus Christ: In the Name of The Gun webcomic, Eric Peterson, I started to turn around a bit. Eric introduced me to Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop fame) and Doug Tennapel (of Ratfist, Earthworm Jim and being super ridiculous tall fame) and the 4 of us along with my girlfriend Michelle talked for a while. It was fun picking Doug's brain and talking about comics. Those guys really made me feel better about my work. Michelle and I walked around a bit, had another drink at another bar and called it a night. I wish I was able to talk to more creators but I'm notoriously shy and always feel as if I am imposing at these social gatherings.

Sunday was slow as well but when all was said and done it was the best Emerald City I had done. I spent some time Sunday chatting with cool guys like Andy Kuhn and the only Atlanta Thrashers fan in Vancouver, Jason Copland, (check out his Kill All Monsters webcomic). I talked shop with writer Mark Sable and poured over Paul Azacleta's amazing pages for their new book Graveyard of Empires.

I also finally met some guys who I have only known online for a while, Evan Shaner, Mitch Gerads, and Chris Samnee. Chris is one of my favorite artists working right now and he was very nice and humble. I'm a big fan. I geeked out chatting with Guy Davis and didn't get a chance, or the nerve, to talk to Sean Murphy. Overall though it was a great show and I hope to do some work in the next year that will make those awesome fellas at Emerald City Comic-Con want to have me back in 2012. Thanks again, as always, to Brian Meredith for making it all happen.