Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hellboy Salad

Strolled across this photo taken at last years San Diego con where we all drew on the tables. So here is Hellboy, my salad, and my crotch.

Photo by the awesome Wes Molebash

Hump Day

Again, no new art today, last night I worked on some roughs for a potential job, we'll see if the Art Director likes them, I'm also starting a short inking job tonight and I need to work on Villains and a new Hollow short story for an anthology later this year. So, I'm keeping busy, but can't post anything yet. I did my sketch cover for the HULK #1 HERO Initiative charity thing and turned it in, I'll post it when I'm allowed. It's an amazing charity and good exposure so I am honored to be a part of it. I had to sell all future rights to it to HERO and Marvel Comics for $1. I think I'm going to use it to go get a Spicy Chick-N-Crisp sandwich from Burger King. No mayo please.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Update

Hey kids, just a quick one today, I had a pretty eventful weekend so I thought none of you would like to hear about it. On Thursday I got a nice phone call from the Phoenix Police Department notifying me that someone had broken into my house and they needed me to rush home, so they could enter the house.

Thought #1
Thought #2
"I'm stuck in a drive through at Jack in the Box."
Thought #3 "The dog!"

So I race home, arriving at the same time as my X and the boys and the police have the place surrounded, K-9 units, about 10 officers, the works. They enter and search the house and nobody was in there, and nothing was even touched (the K-9's did more damage inside the house than anything else). So nothing was taken, but the asshole did break 2 windows. One was very thick door glass that has to be special ordered. Taking into account the age of my house (98 years), putting in new windows was a day-long job of sanding, chipping and cleaning. So I learned something about installing new glass old-school style, big thanks to my Dad who really did the majority of the work, and while installing one we noticed a hairline crack we made, so we get to re-do that one later this year.

(side note - anybody want to buy a unique, antique home in Central Phoenix?)

Friday night was the first Phoenix Chapter Drink and Draw of 2008 and it was fun, I mostly chatted with Patrick Scherberger, Ben Glendenning and his wife and a retailer friend of ours, but I got a little sketching in on something I have been dying to do, The Hulk #1 Sketch Cover for the Hero Initiative. I'll post that when I'm allowed to. I also got about 7 games of darts in with The Drunken Tossers, dart night is always fun, and I flat out dominated, so that was even better.

Sunday I taught a Dynamic Drawing Class and had a small, but interested and fun group and then I got to watch the Yotes game with my gal, so a great day was had there. No new art today, but check out the new VILLAINS PRODUCTION BLOG for some goodness.

Oh, and if you see a shady white guy in his mid-30's that looks like the type of ass that would vandalize/potentially burglarize a home lurking around my neighborhood, kick him in the nuts for me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Miserable Weekend

So I had a terrible weekend where I taught a 3 hour workshop to some of the most dis-interested kids on the planet, made about half what I thought I would, and I fought with my kids a lot. The only fun part was a birthday party we attended. Here is a HULK I sketched on the card.

and here is a Wolfman pin-up I inked, pencils by Nate Bellegarde

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have been sketching this character from as far back as probably 2001. I like the design and the idea, but I cannot settle on a name or anything else. I love "Ghostface" but I'm sure that's been taken. Whatever, I think I'll incorporate him into my HOLLOW series. He'll be a good Storm Shadow to Nissa's Snakeyes.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Old Stuff - part three

A Batman for the kids obviously - 2002

A poster I did in 2005 or early 2006 for some film festival in Dallas or something, I don't even know if it was ever used, I got the impression the client was not too happy with it. This thing was 3x4 at like 1200 dpi and killed my computer at the time. It would take about 20 minutes to render any change in photoshop.

Life drawing, circa 2001

I really miss life drawing.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Old Stuff - part two

I thought I was the greatest artist ever when I did this Hulk, from 2003

then I followed it up with this He-Man (2003), which actually got me a try-out with an editor of whoever had the MofU license back then, which I promptly produced 3 shitty pages for and never heard back.

and some life drawing from around 2001

*the fairy wasn't really there, but her gigantic breasts were, they were fake and I think she may have been an ex-stripper.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday is today!

Go vote. Go here to find a polling place near you. I'll continue the oldies but goodies theme tomorrow.

* Oh, and on a related note, you would think in a society where we can clone living animals and put a cruise missile up an enemies ass by remote control from 1000 miles away, we should have a better system for voting than going to a church (mixed messages anyone?), and relying on 5 senior citizens who need a magnifying glass to read their ledgers (no computers anywhere in sight). I'm just saying is all. One good thing though, I was at the polling place (church!) for about 15 minutes, and every time someone needed a specific party election form, one old man would yell out the party name to an old woman about 5 feet away from him so she could give the voter the proper form. 15 minutes I was there, all I heard was "DEMOCRAT" yelled out, so that was nice, even though McCain owns this state and a Democrat has no chance against him. So I was voting for the rest of you, I'm a giver.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Old Stuff - part one

While going through some files this morning I came across a batch of stuff from 2001-2004 that I actually kind of still like. Nothing great, but fun stuff, so starting today through Wednesday I'll be putting some of them up that some of you may or may not have seen.

Life drawing from school, 2001-ish

The first image of my "Ronin of the Ryukyu" character, 2004, still hoping to get the chance one day to tell his life story.

Part of a comics-jam for the, circa 2003