Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another ICARUS review

"Icarus #1 is a somewhat gritty assassin comic where there are solid characters being introduced. Cody's illustrations are a perfect fit for the subject matter. " - Jonathon Pilley over at reviews Icarus #1, please hop over there to read the whole thing.

I also like how interested he seemed to be in the motivations of the characters. Here is another exerpt -

There's also a female character named Manny that has prophetic dreams. I get the impression she works with Riles to help in finding his new targets, but other than there not much else is mentioned about her. We're also introduced to a few of Riles' teammates in addition to the two aforementioned targets and Manny, so there should be some pretty good storylines developing over the next few issues. The biggest question is what designates a target for Riles' group and how he became part of the group to begin with. The best part of the issue though has to be the cliffhanger ending and while I'm not going to spoil it for you I can say I was not expecting it at all."

The girl's name is not Manny, but I can see where the confusion comes from, that will be cleared up in issue #2.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The first ICARUS review

Ambush Bug over at posted a review of ICARUS #1 here. It's insanely flattering. You have to scroll down to the Indie Jones section to read it, but here it is in it's entirety.

Super 75 Comics

Wow. This first issue blew me away. I was really, really surprised with this one. Written, drawn, inked and created all by Ryan Cody; ICARUS #1 is an intriguing first issue that zigs when you think it’ll zag and continues to leave you spinning right up until the last page. ICARUS is filled with all kinds of fun, with a super hero killer for hire, a girl who dreams of the end of the world every night she goes to sleep, a secret organization bent of eradicating super villains, and a twist at the end that pulled the rug right out from under me. Thing is…I didn’t even know I was standing on a rug! But seriously, this is top notch stuff. Cody’s art is as good as his writing. Reminiscent of Ty Templeton and Darwyn Cooke, Cody has a gift for simplistic design and vivid, iconic panels that make for a quick, yet thrilling read. I can’t wait to see more of ICARUS and you should definitely seek this indie treat out. Fans of Dini’s BATMAN ADVENTURES, Bendis’ POWERS, Brubaker’s SLEEPER, and Eisner & Cooke’s THE SPIRIT (books I hold in very high regard) will definitely find ICARUS as much of a surprise as I did.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ICARUS update

The last page of Icarus #1 is up on the website. I hope everyone enjoyed the issue. I will leave it online for a couple weeks and then remove it when the print version is available for purchase. Please, if you enjoyed reading it online, think about buying a print copy and supporting the book. Thanks.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Scott Godlewski inks Icarus!

Here is a little peek at the inked cover to Icarus #1, pencils/layout by me, finishes by the amazing and overworked Scott Godlewski. Scott is kicking ass over at Boom! working on their Dracula book so I really owe him a debt for finding time to ink this cover for me. The print version of issue #1 will be available in January, catch up on it online however at

Monday, December 06, 2010

Big Thanks!

I also wanted to just give out a really big thanks to all the people who hopped on board my last commission call. The money from those commissions literally put Christmas presents under the tree for my kids, so I really, honestly appreciate all the support. Thanks so much.

That said, I have about 2 slots still open for the Christmas commissions. Contact me if you're interested.

My comic ICARUS is winding down the first issue. You can read it all for free, starting right here -