Monday, February 28, 2011

Emerald City Comic-Con

I'll be in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City Con. I will have some limited copies of Icarus #1 and my sketchbook as well as some limited copies of prints. I will be taking commissions and sketches so please stop on by and say hey. Look for this awesome banner.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My process.

Kind of a step-by-step of how I create a page. Thrilling isn't it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another ICARUS review!

Major reviewed ICARUS #1 on their podcast, gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars, much appreciated! The review starts around minute #30-

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another ICARUS review

Brian Cronin of Comic Book Resource's Comics Should Be Good featured a review of ICARUS #1 here - Thanks Brian!

Some bits - Cody’s artwork is really good. He definitely has a Michael Avon Oeming in Powers vibe, and since I lurve Oeming’s artwork in Powers, you better believe I enjoy Cody’s work here.

If all this comic had was a government agent tasked with killing superheroes and supervillains, I think the book could be an interesting read (especially with Cody’s strong artwork), but the end of the book has a twist that sets the entire concept on its ear, making the book a whole lot more interesting.

Friday, February 04, 2011

UFC 126 picks & more

The other night I was having some drink sat a bar and they played the promo for UFC 126 a bunch and were showing a replay of a WEC. It got me thinking about some MMA stuff and I even wrote some notes on a napkin. So here we go, starting with my UFC126 picks (main card).

Miquel Torres VS Antonio Banuelos - I'll pick Torres on this one. I think he's too well rounded, he's the favorite and I think the UFC wants to get him back in the title picture or at least get him into a bout with Uriah Faber. So they gave him this fight expecting him to win it.

Jon Jones VS Ryan Bader - Both these guys have egos that bother me, but they are both two of my favorites at 205 and much needed new blood in a division that rehashes Rampage/Rashad & Machida to no end. No love is being given to Bader, he's a -220 underdog as of right now, I expect the betting line to close a bit. If I had the money I would have dropped $100 on him when the line opened and he was an even bigger underdog. Jones is flashy, ruthless and talented as hell and he will probably win this fight. I'm picking the upset though and going with Bader. He's the best wrestler Jones has ever faced and I think he is a better pure power wrestler than Jones. Jon Jones is going to the best striker Bader has ever faced, but I will take the wrestler over the striker most days. Jones has never really been pressured on his back and I think if Bader can get past Jones' reach advantage and take him down, I think he can get a decision here.

Forest Griffin VS Rich Franklin - I'll take Forrest in a tight fight between two pretty evenly matched guys. No knockouts here but a good chance and a pretty entertaining fight.

Anderson Silva VS Vitor Belfort - In his last fight against Chael Sonnen, Silva was manhandled most of the fight. I remember watching it and thinking that something didn't look right with Silva. He looked like he wasn't even trying to stop the takedowns and looked lethargic. He still won, in dramatic fashion no less, against a roided-up Sonnen . I was screaming for the triangle for a good minute before he sunk it in and was ecstatic when he did. Belfort is a great striker and has tons of power, but I still see a healthy Anderson Silva winning, but I don't think it will be easy. I'll pick the favorite here and go with Silva.

Other MMA thoughts - Jamie Varner got cut by Zuffa but I think if he drops weight to the 145 division he may be able to make a run back to the majors. he's only 5'8" and is out sized by most guys at 155. I don't think he beats a guy like Jose Aldo, but I think he may do better. Speaking of Jose Aldo, he's a monster and I think he cruises past Mark Hominick using leg kicks and clinch work. Hominick has never seen leg kicks like Aldo has, just ask Uriah Faber.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Emerald City Con Pre-Order

March 4-6th I will be in my 2nd favorite North American city, Seattle, to be a part of their amazing Emerald City Con. It is easily one of the best comic conventions in the country with an insane guest list and I am always truly humbled and happy to participate.

Conventions are a great way for me to introduce myself to the public and hopefully convince some comic book fans out there to give my work a shot and I have always been pretty welcomed in Seattle. Last year, and possibly this year, Emerald City will be my only convention outside of Arizona so I'm hoping to really make the most of it. Financially I am just not a popular enough artist to make out of state conventions a realistic option.

I am only able to take a small amount of product up with me, so it is possible (if unlikely) that I will sell out of my copies of Icarus #1 early. If you are going to attend Emerald City this year, and are pretty sure you wanted to pick up a comic or a sketch from me, please consider pre-ordering.

Pre-orders guarantee you a copy of Icarus #1 or a sketch and lessens the chance that I will be returning with excess inventory. Also, all convention-sold copies of Icarus #1 come with a quick & free head-sketch, so there is a bonus right there. A preview of Icarus #1 can be found here.
Pre-Orders end February 7th. Paypal me here.

ICARUS #1 (with free head-sketch) = $3.50
Convention style sketch, 9x12 b/w = $15
11x17 Commission (b/w) = $50
9x12 Commission = $30
Original art pages from Icarus #1 can be purchased here for delivery in Seattle or I can mail them.
Email with any questions.

The difference between a sketch and commission is I usually spend much more time on a commission and it is a more finished piece of art. Pre-ordering con sketches allows me more time to work on those as well and guarantees you an original piece of artwork when you get to the show.

If you are not going to the convention, I still take commissions via mail and you can order Icarus #1 (print edition) here, or download for only $1 here and my $5 Super75 Sketchbook is available here. I always appreciate all the support you guys give me, and I hope to see some of you in Seattle next month.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The month of love.

I have been having a blast so far on issue #2 of ICARUS. The script came out great and I'm about 80% happy with the pages so far, and for me that is a pretty big deal. I am also coming into accepting my work on the webcomic as well. We're almost to the halfway point on JCTNG V2: The Long Year and I'm finally able to just relax about it and draw some comics. The webcomic is my main focus right now, it has to be since it pays the majority of my bills, but I will continue to chop away on ICARUS #2. I hope to wrap that up around mid-March. If I can keep Icarus on a bi-monthly release schedule I will be happy. So February's goal is pretty straightforward; 30 pages of fully finished, print ready, comic pages. I'm excited for the challenge.