Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Villains speaks!

The producer of the hopefully forthcoming VILLAINS movie spoke about his hopes for the movie to MTV's Splashpage blog. Keep your fingers crossed!

VILLAINS was a comic book I co-created and did the black & white artwork for in 2006 & 2007 and was published by Viper comics. A copy can be purchased using the links on the left.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Half-Blood Leatherface

I saw the Half-Blood Prince last weekend, and followers of the blog will know that I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and films, so I thought I would drop some knowledge on what I thought of the movie. I still think the child actors in the movies are terrible, although the actor who plays Draco Malfoy (I'm too lazy to look it up) did a fantastic job. I did enjoy the comedic aspects of the movie and thought it played well and true to how these kids probably would behave. Many people criticize the length of the movie (my Mom and girlfriend), but I thought it was fine, but that is probably because I knew what to expect, so I knew how much more had to happen before it ended. If you haven't seen the movie you should stop reading now and just gawk at the artwork below ------------------------------------------------------

I was a little put off by the attack of the Deatheaters on the Burrow as that did not happen in the book and then was a little disappointed in the lack of the battle at Hogwarts. Once I thought about it though it all made sense. There is going to be a huge battle scene that takes place at Hogwarts in the 2nd part of the 7th movie, so it might seem redundant to some viewers who only follow the movies, and Bill Weasely is not a featured character in the movies, so his injuries he sustains in battle with Fenrir do not make sense here. Plus, the movie was already pushing two and half hours, so I totally understand why it was cut-out. So while the movie lacked a little in excitment, it served it primary purpose, it entertained and set-up a killer two-part finale.

Below is a recent commission, hop over to the Sketchjam! to see the pencils I did for this, and have a good weekend everyone.

Monday, July 20, 2009

No no San Diego

For the second year in a row, I am not going to San Diego Comic-Con. I plan on going next year to promote my Popgun anthology work for Image Comics as well as the graphic novel I am working on for Outlaw Entertainment. I hope those of you that are going have a blast, I just cannot handle the crowds and the expense. Next year though. One thing I do miss during the week of the con is the lack of interactivity on the web. There are plenty of announcements that happen, but I'm talking about the lack of updates on blogs, twitter, deviantart, etc. It gets pretty quiet around here for about a week.

Next con for me is most likely Long Beach Comic-Con in October, then in 2010 I'll have Emerald City, Phoenix and San Diego. Please feel free to check out some of my publishers and friends while you are there;
Viper Comics - Table 1903 (Pick up a copy of Villains!) , Outlaw Entertainment - Table 1802, Khepri.com - Booth 936 (ask about Fata Obstant & The Hurricane Kids!), Image Comics/Popgun Anthology - Table 2729 (Pick up a copy of Popgun Vol.3!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

UFC 100 picks.

Let me start off by saying that I am not that excited about UFC 100. I think the card should have at least one more title fight on it. I guess I can blame BJ Penn for taking too long between fights, but I would like to have seen the BJ/Florian fight added to the card.

Lesnar/Mir - I care least about the Heavyweights than any other division, whether UFC or not, and both of these guys come off as dicks in the media and that doesn't help. I know Mir beat Brock once, but I think Brock has learned enough submission defense in the last year to last long enough to land 1 or 2 big punches to Franks dome. I could probably outbox an 8-year-old, but I wouldn't want to fight one that had cinder blocks for fists. I pick Lesnar by 2nd round KO.

GSP/Alves - I don't buy all the hype about GSP. He's beaten an older Hughes (so has Alves), been beaten by Serra, and he's beaten Koschek (so has Alves) who I haven't been 100% impressed by. His win against Fitch was great though. His win against BJ was dominating, but he beat up a lightweight and BJ should have never wanted that fight. I know Alves lost to Fitch, but that was 3 years ago. GSP is great, and many rank him as a top pound for pound guy, but I'm picking Alves in this one. He's just a beast who will probably be able to outmuscle GSP and keep the fight standing. I see this as sort of a Mike Brown/Uriah Faber fight where Faber/GSP may be more well rounded but Brown/Alves are just monsters in their weight classes.

Henderson/Bisbing - I don't see either of these guys beating Maia, Marquart or Anderson Silva, so I think this fight will have no serious repurcussions. Yeah they think they will get a title shot if they win, but they have to get in line behind those other two if you ask me, and with Wanderlei moving down, the title picture gets even murkier. I'll pick Bisbing in an upset though.
Note: I don't see Wanderlei beating any of those top two or 3 guys either.

Fitch/Thiago - Fitch wins by crazy beard.
Akiyama/Belcher - I don't really know much about either guy.
Bonnar/Coleman - Bonnar wins by not being old.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Who's bad?

Thought I would honor MJ in the title, seeing as how the whole world is going overboard for him today. It's a tad ridiculous. You know who's really bad? Scott Godlewski is. Scott is a friend and an insane artist and a super cool guy to boot. He did this Hellboy one night at the last AZ Drink and Draw and then he gave it to me. I am truly humbled to own it. So I finally scanned it and then decided to color it. So here it is. Lineart by Scott, colors by me. Kickassery by both. Click it for full size.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Green Lantern!

click for full size.

This is a recent Hal Jordan commission. I haven't been asked to draw alot of GL's, but I do like Hal and Kilowog. This was a really fun one to do. I cranked out several commissions over the weekend and a page for the OGN I'm working on. It feels good to be back in full comic mode again.
Check out the Sketchjam! for a Batman commission I did as well.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


So after only a couple days I'm going to have to cut-off my commission list, at least until I complete what's on my plate. The response through Twitter and message boards was great. Thanks to everyone who re-posted my commission plea, it's all because fellow artists, friends and retailers that I was able to raise some extra money this month for a couple small crisis. Thanks again, to everyone. I should open up again to commissions sometime around September. If you've already contacted me and been put on the list, you should have yours before the end of the month.

Here's some art, a splash page from a potential project still being shopped around, with a fantastic writer I would love to work with.

click for full size.