Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I (Heart) You - Dear Diary - 10/30/07

So I was thinking the other day after answering some email that I am currently in some sort of contact with almost every girl I have had a crush on or dated/married since I was in the 4th grade. There might be one or two that have slipped through the cracks, but I have never had a problem committing so the list isn't that long, but I found it semi-fascinating that I can email almost any of these girls (women now), that I have met over the last 21 years or so. Keep in mind that I have lived in 3 or 4 different states/countries since that time. Fascinating or pathetic, I'll let you all be the judge of that. If only I could track down Bethany Stallman and Melissa Guzman, my completion list would go to about 99% for my entire lifetime. How rare is that? So in celebration, I provide for you today, my first true unrequited love (of which there were many).

Who's the Boss of my juvenile loins?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Villains ad on Beauty and the Geek

Back at comic-con in July the crew from Beauty and the Geek were shooting a segment at the Viper booth while Javi and Les signed, on the back of the free copies of their book Middleman was an ad for VILLAINS. So my book got about .5 seconds of screen time.

Javi and Les got a second of screen time too. Volume 3 of Middleman just came out through Viper Comics, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Halloween 2005 we had a Halloween party at the big yellow house and as always, I did not plan ahead, and as always, the results were disastrous. I tried to pull off a rockabilly/greaser look, and instead came off looking like a redneck on laundry day.

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Script pages have started coming in for an upcoming book I will be working on for Image comics, hopefully the book will be out in early 2008, probably about March by now. Here is a random sample of 2 panels, I'm doing a new process with this book where I pencil the pages loosely on standard paper, scan them in , enlarge them to full size and I'll be inking digitally, hopefully this will speed up my production time, since I plan to work on this and a sequel to Villains at the same time. Wish me luck.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates, personal stuff has come up, but this time it's good personal stuff, but it has still interfered with my production. I hope in the next few weeks or so to be able to balance both appropriately. Heres are two pieces for this weeks Artjumble.

and a process shot....

the final bigger piece can be found on the ARTJUMBLE site.