Friday, October 27, 2006

New Art

I posted a sneak peek of the upcoming Villains trade over on the SKETCHjam!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I'm about to do a pod-cast interview but I wanted to mention that I have interviews up at Silverbulletcomics and The Pulse today! Go check em' out and spread the love!

a sad day.....

I cancelled my webhost yesterday, it was time to simplify and blogger & flickr are free and work great. So if you have any bookmarks of, please re-direct them here. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How I wish I got paid for all of these things.....

I decided to compile my schedule of projects so I could really set my mind straight and get geared up for the next few months. On the two projects I will be pitching (along with writers), I will usually only do a handful of pages to shop around, and then, when and if the projects finds a home, I will start full production on them. The funny thing about doing all these projects is that there is an equal chance that all of them could get picked up by publishers or that none of them could, so I like to keep alot on my plate. These projects do not include ongoing freelance illustration gigs and my teaching stuff.

send me money.
hire me for something.

October 2006

- 10 page bonus story for the Villains trade

- Compose and put together Villains trade – Deadline November 1

November 2006

- Illustrations for Actionopolis book. – Deadline November 30

- Legendary Anthology Project Pages – Deadline January 1

December 2006

- "Jackpot” pitch*

- Unnamed Alter-Cody pitch

- Legendary Anthology Project Pages – Deadline January 1

January 2007

- Launch Top-Secret web-comic

Projects waiting to hear back from publishers –

Empty Glasses – Written by me, Art by Federico Milella

The Society of Modern Vengeance – by myself and others, tentatively scheduled for a 2008 release.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I've watched this trailer about 10 times in the last 2 days. This is where digital filmaking is truly making it's mark. I cannot wait for this film, even thought I stopped buying the 300 comic after the first issue. Go and be happy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Great Lobster Chase

In my house, the bathroom is situated between 2 bedrooms, so to use the bathroom one must pass through the boy's room. The following scene took place last night at about 1am as my wife passed through - (this is paraphrased as I was a room away and partially asleep, but it went something like this....)

Sexy Wife goes creeps through the mess of the boy's room on her way to the restroom...

Ash, Age 8 (waking up) - "Mommy?, I had a dream and there was a lobster chasing me."

Sexy Wife - "oh wow Ash, that's a crazy dream."

Ash - "It didn't catch me but it tried to sting me with it's stinger."

Sexy Wife - "Lobsters don't have stingers baby, they have claws."

peeing sound coming from the bathroom...

Ash - "Yeah, but I tore it off so he couldn't get me."

Sexy Wife - "Did you eat the lobster tail?"

Ash - "No, I'm not going to drink poison, I'm not stupid."

Overweight Dad laughing his ass off a room away....

Aiden, Age 6, (waking up, tired and cranky) - "Aaaaasssshhh..... you woke me up shithead."

Overweight Dad nearly pissing himself in bed.........

happy Thursday and thank god Hockey Season is back.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Since the 50 ft. Blog is more a personal, journal type blog, I thought I would pop these links in a post for all to enjoy.

- For past interviews, reviews and all around cool shit about my book Villains - please visit the Villains Forum @ Viper Comics

- For sketches by me and some other bad-ass fellas, please visit the SKETCHJAM!

- I also post to the wonderfully wonderful Viper Comics Snakebites Blog

Back on the train.....

I figure I use blogger for every other blog I have, so why not this one too, if you have my LJ bookmarked, please change it to this. It's hot, I'm depressed and I just found this photo on Flickr of me @ the Phoenix CactusCon. The artist next to me never removed his glasses all weekend.

I also briefly got to meet Ron Garney!

and here are a bunch of local guys, Shannon Denton (Actionopolis!), Mike Bulloc, Illustrator Tony Parker and Raven.

Terry Austin, Brett Blevins and Mike Manley

here's Billy Tan making like $150 bucks..............

I am sad.

I also wanted to mention a really great postcard (scan) that I got from my friend John from his brother Danny. Danny is over in Irag (maybe Afghanistan?) and John had sent Danny some copies of Villains to read. Danny really enjoyed them and said everyone else did too and he asked that John forward along copies of #4 as well, so that made me feel really proud. While I don't support the war, I do support the troops, and I hope Danny stays safe and I plan to buy him a few beers next time I see him in Vegas.