Friday, March 23, 2007


I have posted a few new bits of art over on the SketchJam blog, there are also lots of new stuff from Charlie Clark and Brent Schoonover. Check it out. Also, be sure to bookmark the Coral City Aeronauts blog, page 2 is up now with page 3 dropping on Monday. Thanks, and have a nice weekend.


charlieclark said...

good to see you polsting again, going to start posting alot but take it more easyon the weekends

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
My wife is freaking out about the camping trip Jen and the kids went on. We are not used to not being able to contact Aaron. Their phones are off and it has been raining and bad weather up there. Any news? Let us know ASAP.
Eliot 602-481-9684 Cool Blogs. When are you going to make political cartoons?