Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 - Sneak Peeks

I won't go into a big Year in Review, I honestly cannot remember which movie I liked best this year (loudQUIETloud, a Pixies Documentary) or any music that rocked my world. It was a year of personal upheaval and change which I choose not to discuss much, but I feel everything will work out. Professionally it was a bit of a let down as well, the VILLAINS trade did come out in 2007, but was finished in 2006, so it felt like, to me, that I did not accomplish anything. I hope to rectify that big time in 2008. Here are some sneak peeks.

This is for a project I hope to self-publish next month (if I can get the pages to the printer in time)

This is for a project that should already be ready to come out, it's just a matter of the writer, myself and the publisher getting back on the same page. This was approved back in July.

and here is something for summer 2008 if everything comes together as planned -

On top of those, I also have hopes to re-launch The Hurricane Kids in the spring as a web-comic and plans to work with a writer whom I have been wanting to work with for a year or so, that should start up after I wrap Villains in July.

Wish me luck.

* Also, to those kind few who are worried about my feet, I have begun wearing shoes on a daily basis and it has helped my pads immensely, and I'm supposed to get a pedicure tonight if I can stand the tickling.


charlieclark said...

jesus man you have to many projects going on at one time!!

rory said...

Looks like a good year ahead. Good luck, man!

Stephen Reid said...

Yeah. Good stuff Ryan!

Benjamin Hall said...

I just got loudQUIETloud for x-mas!

That's a lot of cool stuff!!! You've been holding out on us!!! Glad to see it!

Glad your feet are getting better.