Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday is today!

Go vote. Go here to find a polling place near you. I'll continue the oldies but goodies theme tomorrow.

* Oh, and on a related note, you would think in a society where we can clone living animals and put a cruise missile up an enemies ass by remote control from 1000 miles away, we should have a better system for voting than going to a church (mixed messages anyone?), and relying on 5 senior citizens who need a magnifying glass to read their ledgers (no computers anywhere in sight). I'm just saying is all. One good thing though, I was at the polling place (church!) for about 15 minutes, and every time someone needed a specific party election form, one old man would yell out the party name to an old woman about 5 feet away from him so she could give the voter the proper form. 15 minutes I was there, all I heard was "DEMOCRAT" yelled out, so that was nice, even though McCain owns this state and a Democrat has no chance against him. So I was voting for the rest of you, I'm a giver.

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wes said...

sounds just like the polling place i went to on camelback and 7th.