Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few quick notes to finish out the week.

A follow-up to the earlier post, I never meant to imply a manga vs. American comics debate, I was just posting about how I personally found it a bit depressing that there are very few kids who seem to want to draw American comics anymore. It's my opinion and a reflection, and not a condemnation on one form or another, and getting kids to draw in any way, is a great thing in today's age of computer games and entertainment bombardment. I really like teaching the kids who seem interested and want to learn.

Now, onto other things. Set your Tivo, DVR, VHS, Betmax, whatever you have and be sure not miss the premiere of THE MIDDLEMAN on ABC Family on Monday night. Based off of the Viper Comics series of the same name, I'm proud to call Les and Javi friends and very proud of them to have gotten this show made. I contributed a very small bit to the 2nd Middleman volume in a back up feature called "Legends of Middleman" where I illustrate a WW2 version of the Middleman. It was my first published work and while it has many flaws, will always have a soft spot in my heart. So don't miss out, if I recall correctly Javi has an Emmy for working on LOST, so he knows what he's doing.


Anonymous said...

dude - your WWII MM story was AWESOME!

Great artwork!

-Andy "Speaker" Floyd

ryan cody said...

Thanks Andy!