Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best Helicopter Pilot Ever.

Instead of drawing funny books last night, I watched two movies. Have no fear though as I woke up 3 hours early this morning to work on some pages, deadlines have to be met. There will be spoilers but both movies are pretty old at this point. 28 Weeks Later was first up, and while I knew it probably would not be as good as it's predecessor, I have to say how disappointed I was. Robert Carlyle had an amazing opening scene and was brilliant until he became roid-raged. The way the military was portrayed was really my biggest problem. I don't have a problem with them laying waste to the whole city, because that is believable. But that fact that they had a patient they knew was infected and they didn't even have a guard watching her so that she could then infect her husband. Then they herd hundreds of people into "safe areas" and lock them inside, with no military guards? Ridiculous. Then it just gets worse when the dude from Lost uses the blades of helicopter to chop up a couple dozen infected. He must be the world's greatest helicopter pilot to be able to get his blades within a few feet of the ground and not crash. The worst part was how they made Robert Carlyle the villain. After becoming enraged he hunts down his family? Really? Where in either movie did they explain that the infected are capable of thoughts like that? It was a lame way to create an emotional scene when the daughter has to kill the father. I can already predict 28 Months Later will focus on the infected making their way across the pond and into the US. A quick IMDB check shows the movie as "in-development".

After that we watched A Guide to Recognizing your Saints. A coming of age story based on the writer/director's biography of the same name. This movie was very well acted and the story was heartbreaking. As someone who grew up in a relatively safe environment and as a pretty happy kid, I have a hard time with movies that show the hardships of growing up in the inner-city. They really make me think about how shitty a life that would be, and how powerful it must be to break free from that. Channing Tatum was fantastic in it, leading a wonderful cast. I recommend it highly, I can't really say anything other than that. Here is character design I just did...


Michael OHare said...

Thanks Ryan!
How are things. I dig the blog.

Scott Godlewski said...

28 Weeks Later sucked balls.