Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More things I recommend

On the web - checking out the Wolverine 100 covers on Newsarama, CBR & The Wolverine 100 book will be out in December, more info can be found here. It features me and about 99 other amazing artists.

On the TV - ROME, the HBO series. I will wrap it up tonight and be sad, like I was when I finished Deadwood and the Wire. For my money, these 3 shows may be the best television I have ever seen. I love the characters on Rome, not as much as the Wire, but the scope and epic nature of the show make up for that. Do yourself a favor one weekend. Get rid of the kids if you have them, put aside work, and just watch both seasons back to back. Also, fellas, it's like an aphrodisiac for the ladies, trust me.

On the reading table - Umbrella Academy vol.2 that I got from I really liked the first volume and this one just continues that, the characters remind me of why I really liked The X-men originally, dysfunctional and super-powered. I also recently got Cora Vol.1 & 2, Ted Mathot's follow up to the two Rose and Isabel books. Really great stuff chronicling a family of women with powerful abilities from the civil war south to the western frontier. My only complaint would be that the Cora books seem short with lots of build up and I'm eagerly awaiting volume 3 for the payoff.

On my drawing table - Lots of stuff I can't show, I just picked some more really rushed freelance work to go along with some sketchcards and comic work. I'll try to post new art when I can, I put up a small sketch of a panel in progress last night at the Sketchjam blog.

So what are you guys reading, watching and working on?


Gary Fitzgerald said...

reading... been too busy and have about 7 weeks of comics stacked up on my desk, but looking forward to reading the marquis tp (guy davis)

watching... just finished season 1 of dexter (on dvd).. love it, it's so twisted.. (and I just finished season 3 of deadwood recently.. very clever last line in that last show)

working on... that western webcomic for top shelf..
there aren't enough hours in the day...

mattcrap said...

Rome was badass. The wife and I are slowly making our way through Dexter. I love the Office, but I steer clear of most TV shows because when you finally find a good one you just get burned. Flight Of The Conchords is no more and I'm still not over Arrested Development.

As far as reading- not much. I've got my Invincible and AtomicRobo. I'm psyched Mignola says he's gonna start drawing again. I don't follow any of these "events" so i'm missing out on what's going on at the Big Two. I've read and re-read PARKER about three times- just awesome stuff.

Scott Godlewski said...

I don't watch any of those shows or read any of those books. I may pick up Rome, though, if it works as well as you say.

Dexter is my all-time favorite TV show. It's indescribably good.

I'm not reading any comics right now. But I did just finish Batman: Broken City from Azzarello and Risso, and it's easily my favorite Batman story.

Working on a lot of stuff, none of which I can really talk about.

ryan cody said...

Gary - I loved the Nevermind book that Guy illustrated a while back, I still pull that out fairly often.

Matt - Dexter is alright, I watched seasons 2 & 3 while getting caught up on season 1 by my girlfriend. I thought season 2 was way better than 3. I cannot stand Jimmy Smits. I still need to pick up Parker.

Scott - Rome is great visually and as an over-arching story. You should enjoy it. I haven't read a Batman story in ages. I usually pick up trades at the library.

Jay W said...

Ryan -

I liked your Wolverine cover a lot! A very striking layout and one of the better images of the series, I must admit! Nice work.

ryan cody said...

Thanks a lot Jay, I really appreciate that.