Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Hands

I've been waiting to hear back on a freelance gig the last week or so but I have been staying busy with commissions and my sketch-a-day blog. So most of my little sketches are getting posted there. The next couple months are promising to be pretty interesting. Next week I leave for 10 days to Thailand. It will be the first vacation of more than a 4-day weekend I think I have ever taken since I have been an adult. It will also be the first time I've been back to Asia in 16 years. If you've ever seen the movie or read the book The Beach, that's where I'm going. Hopefully my trip ends up better than his did. I'll be bringing along a small sketchbook and I'm going to try and fill that up while I'm gone. Then in March I will be at The Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle where I will be debuting a new 48pg sketchbook. I will post more on that later. Here is some newer stuff by me, as always check out the sketchJam and my Deviantart account as well.


Craig Zablo said...

Enjoy your trip!

Dan C said...

Really enjoying the direction your art is taking, Ryan. These are top-notch. I especially dig that soldier.... great colors, linework and use of shadow. Can't wait to see more!

Scott Godlewski said...

Hope Thailand is treating you well. Be safe and take lots of pictures.