Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talking about Jesus

Weekly Crisis.com recently did a piece on Jesus Christ - In the Name of the Gun. I am the new artist for the second volume. Here is an excerpt where the reviewer refers to me -

Recently, it has returned, back with a brand new artist, and it is updating every Tuesday and Thursday. The art change may be jarring at first, just because it is so different: if former artist Ethan Nicolle was like a more cartoony Brian Bolland or Charlie Adlard, incoming artist Ryan Cody is more along the lines of a bulkier Cory Walker. It’s not bad by any means (specially by webcomic standards, this looks like a high quality indie comic), but it may give readers whiplash when switching from one style to the other. The writing is still as whimsical as ever, and the new arc seems to pit Jesus Christ against Queen Isabella of Spain, who also happens to be a Lovecraftian monster. It just started, so it’s the right time to read through the archive and jump on board.

I like the reference to Cory Walker, who is one of my favorite artists right now. The posts on the Jesus Christ - ITNOTG website generally are unhappy with my work, I dunno if they are just bothered by the change or by my work itself. We just started posting the 2nd scene of vol.2 and I think I am beginning to hit a stride now that I am happy with. Please, if you get a moment feel free to read it and let me know what you think or post a comment on the site, I could use the support.

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Sandy Brisbane said...

Jesus vs Isabella.... Smacks of the Spanish Inquisition.