Wednesday, October 06, 2010

ICARUS set to launch from Super75Comics.

Icarus is a new web to print comic series from Super75Comics. Created, Written and Illustrated by Ryan Cody, Icarus is set to launch on Sunday October 10th, 2010. Previous creator credits include a short story in the Eisner award winning Popgun Vol.3 from Image Comics and Villains from Viper Comics, which is currently in development at Universal.

In 2014, a young child with the ability to see the future see an object approaching Earth, a giant spacecraft containing a species intent on invasion and occupation. She locates the most public superhuman of the time, The Golden Templar, and convinces him to take her to a secret group of world leaders. The Amaliorata do not believe her story and cast her away. When she, and other gifted seers go public with their warning, global riots break out and the world is turned upside down with religious and economic collapse. The Ameliorata decide that the super-humans cannot be allowed to roam unchecked and continue to upset the power balance. They order the execution of every known superhuman. Major Fisher Riley is put in charge of exterminating the world’s most powerful individuals. The Ameliorata convince the public that the oncoming object to Earth is only the asteroid Icarus, preparing to make its scheduled pass of Earth.

Icarus is expected to pass Earth on June 16th, 2015.

The Icarus comic is an endeavor to bring the excitement and energy of big budget adventure comics to the world of small press. Each week two new pages will go online in preparation for a quarterly print release.

For more information please visit or contact the creator directly at

Super75comics is a boutique publisher whose previous credits have included The Hurricane Kids and the 24-Hour Comic Book Day project Fata Obstant.


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This sounds good, I'll definitely check it out.

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i really like wynns green dude

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Thanks guys.