Tuesday, April 03, 2007

News and Notes

Just got an email today from Mike Malve at Atomic Comics & The HERO Initiative saying that my sketch cover for Ultimate Spider-Man #100 sold for $300, which is a lot better than I thought it would, but also tied for the lowest, so maybe they had a minimum bid or something, either way, I was in great company and I'm glad I could help even a little.

also today, I was playing around on http://www.deathclock.com/ and according to that site, if I am slightly overweight (which I am) and pessimistic (which I currently am), I will die in 20 years. BUT, if I keep my current weight and be happy (optimistic), I will live until 2073 and be 97 years old. So that gives me another reason to try and get happy. Oddly enough, if I lost weight I would live 2 years less. huh.....................

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