Monday, May 21, 2007

The greatest thing on earth.....

A little departure for me today, I normally do not post very personal thoughts on here, I believe that every little piece of my soul is a chink in my armor of baddassery, so every little bit I give away is potentially arming my enemies against me. Today I'm willing to take a chance to tell you about something that is very dear to me.

UCC Apple Tea. The nectar of the gods and the well of life I drink from. During my time in Okinawa I drank as much of this as possible, and thanks to a very generous allowance from my fine parents, I drank a lot. Since my departure, it has been sparse and my longing for it continues to go unfulfilled. I think I have found it online, packaged differently, but tasting very similiar at Ito En. However, besides being very expensive for a case, my longtime confidant, and world renown Okinawan Tea expert, John Feller, has informed me that they are not indeed the same, and UCC is only available in Okinawa.

So in my quest to quench this raging beast inside my taste buds, I have searched long and far for a substitute (although it is an insult to UCC Apple Tea to do so). I have tried and failed to brew my own, but the recent surge in flavored bottled teas has brought some satisfaction. Lipton makes a citrus flavored tea that is decent, but sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup. My current selection is Snapple White Tea, Green Tea flavor. It is very good, not UCC good by any stretch, but it does the job.

So until I find a source for importing the UCC at a reasonable price, I will continue to search for a reliable substitute, and long for the times, few and far between, when I am able to smell the aroma of the Gods, and taste perfection in a bottle again.


william said...

i feel your pain. is ucc apple tea online in okinawa? I didn't know that. I was in miyakojima so i too took advantage of the many vending machines carrying ucc appurutii.
do you know of anywhere online where you could buy the actual product?

UCC Milk Tea is also delicious.

Ryan Cody said...

I don't know of any online sites that carry the actual Oki apple tea, but I also don't read Japanese. I was never a fan of the Milk Tea personally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

I came across your blog when I was searching the words "UCC Apple Tea" on Google!!! Nice to meet you here & very nice to know that someone else (other than myself) loves UCC Apple Tea too! I was in Tokyo for holidays recently and have consumed many bottles of UCC Apple Tea, love it! Also at the hotel that I stayed, they offered UCC Apple Tea teabags at the buffet breakfast, so I had apple tea almost every morning during breakfast time! Where about do you live? I live in Australia, I can get similar flavoured Apple Tea drinks in my country (eg. "Pokka" brand bottled Apple Tea (I think they are manufactured in Singapore), very nice too!). These Apple Tea drinks are usually available at Chinese or Japanese grocery stores, you might like to check out those stores in your country.

Also I have stocked up on heaps of Apple Tea teabags as well when I was in HK & in Singapore (the brand is called “AHMAD Tea”, a London brand), very nice flavour too!

Hope you will find a substitute for the UCC Apple Tea in where you live very soon!

ATC (Apple Tea Crazy)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Ryan,


This is the link to the Pokka Apple Tea website:

And here is the link to the AHMAD Tea website:

Cheers, ATC

Cookie said...

I found this page while searching for UCC milk tea - I got sooo addicted during my stay in Okinawa! Apple Tea is good too...but I had milk tea almost every day. ^^

Good luck with your search for apple tea! I'll let you know if I find anything.

Anonymous said...

I can not tell you how long I've been looking for this tea. I left Oki about a year ago now and have been to all the international markets around Washington in search of it. I have a friend still in Oki who is going to send me some. I can't wait to drink it again. There was never a time it wasn't in my fridge and I was there for 3 years. Good luck on getting some yourself.

Mikey Carralero said...

Im in Okinawa Japan I take selfies with apple tea lol