Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Round Up - Free Comic Book Day 2007

This past weekend was Free Comic Book Day 2007 and I loved (almost) every minute of it. Once again this year Mike Malve of Atomic Comics, comic fan, retailer and all around PIMP, took wonderful care of everyone and while I wasn't able last year to enjoy all the festivities, this year I soaked them all in. Friday night I arrived at the Hilton's hospitality suite just in time to hop a ride to a courtesy viewing of the latest (and hopefully last) Spider-Man movie. This one was terrible and while I loved the the generosity of Mike, this was the low point of the weekend for me. Best part was the trailers for Order of the Phoenix and The Bourne Ultimatum. After the movie we all piled back in the cars and headed south to a fantastic Drink and Draw that was set-up for us at a wonderful local place called Pita Jungle. I love Pita Jungle, I love drinking and I love drawing, so it was perfect. The best part was getting to meet some of the other artists and we all sketched on a giant bed sheet that Mike is giving to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, hopefully the kids like it. I shared a crazy cab ride back to the hotel with Francisco Herrera, I was so busy talking his ear off I apparently missed the 3 cop cars the driver almost hit and the red light he ran.

The next day was the signing and sketching at The Atomic Comics Mesa location with myself, Marat Mychaels, Shannon Denton, Scottie Young, Rick Remender and Jim Hanna. Our store was cool because everyone there was an artist and could do sketches so we all kept pretty busy. Scottie is a pimp and overall we all had a blast and the line was pretty busy all day long. Spider-Man was there and his line was about 3 times the size of ours, kids love the guys in spandex (yeah, kinda creepy).

After the signing we all hung out by the pool and shot the shit, we had a lovely dinner afterwards and then I called it a night. Overall the weekend was great and I'm glad I got to meet and hang out with alot of cool people, so thanks to Scottie Young and Casey, Josh Blaylock and Courtney, Shannon, Francisco, Marat, John Layman, Patrick Sherberger, all the other creators that I really didn't get to talk to much, the Atomic Comics staff and especially Mike Malve for for making it an awesome weekend.

Me, Scottie Young and Rick Remender

Francisco Herrera sketching Spidey, next to Scottie's Joker

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rory said...

congrats on your day. Sounds damn cool to have met some of those guys. I wish I had headed over there on Sat. I used to work with Rick, have'nt seen him in a while, and could have actually met you in person!:)

Stephen Reid said...

Sorry I couldn't make it!!! I started doing yard work in the morning...had a couple of beers that led to more beers can figure the rest out!

Have to have over to the house in the next few weeks...have some burgers'n'beers and cool down in the pool.'re invited too!!!