Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Potterness.

Read the last Harry Potter book over the weekend, and while I didn’t immediately love it upon first read, I thought it tied everything up reasonably well and I plan to re-read it in a few weeks, so I can get a better grasp on it. After being initially disappointed with book 6, I re-read it and liked it much more a second time. I do think part of the problem is that I love books 3-5 so much, that 6 was a bit of a letdown. Also, it seems that parts of the book she retreated to easily explaining it all, like she did earlier in the series, obviously catering to a younger reader, although I think the average Potter reader at this point doesn't need that storytelling tool any longer. Overall though, it was a fabulous coming of age story, with all the proper epic elements thrown in. I hope she does stick to her word and not do anymore books; it would be a shame to cash in when one really doesn’t need to. I wouldn’t mind a few anthologies though, filling in some back-story characters or introducing new ones, it’s a world filled with wonderful ideas, I just don’t want anymore to do with the 3 main characters.

So, for the record, not that anyone cares:

Favorite Potter Book = The Order of the Phoenix

Favorite Potter Movie = The Prisoner of Azkaban

On other news, I’m waiting to start my new project once the funding happens, I’m also very anxious about San Diego Comic-Con, I’ll only be there 2 days but I’m pissed because I’m missing an awesome party on Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday are so insanely busy down there. I hope I get plenty of time to sign and I look forward to seeing everyone, so it should be fun, CROWDED, but fun.

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rory said...

Hey, man , I'll look for you at the con...hope it is a successful trip for you! Much luck!