Monday, September 08, 2008

Top 5 Dream Jobs - #1

#1 - Writer/Director.

Not a huge shock, someone already called it in the comments (Rory?). I believe that most people who enjoy creating, writing and drawing comics really just enjoy telling stories in a visual medium, which is the same thing as film, only with a much lower budget. I've never gotten past page 15 on any screenplay, and I've never directed, but I like to boss people around. If T.V. shows like Saving Grace can be greenlit and movies like Bangkok Dangerous still get made, then I figure I still have a shot.

Favorite movies of all time... True Romance and The Departed. I'm easy like that. Sorry to be so anticlimactic.


RAWLS said...

Here here!!

Ungeheier said...

I think youre the 4th person to have mentioned True Romance in the past week and a half. I know ive seen it, but I cant for the life of me remember anything about it. Mustve been during my time when I hated movies (working at Blockbuster will do that to a person).