Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dark Knight

I've always loved the darker aspect of Batman, the meaner, grittier Batman. The ass-kicking detective, Miller's Batman. That was until I read Vol.1 of All-Star Batman and Robin last night.This was absolutely terrible, not one likable character in the book other than Alfred the butler. I think, as do other people judging by what I have read, that Miller is writing this book as a joke. Maybe I'm missing the bigger picture here, maybe I'm not smart enough to "get it", but not even Jim Lee can save this for me. After reading it I got nostalgic for the original Dark Knight, so I sketched this. Colors and digital zip-a-tone done in Photoshop.


RAWLS said...

That's wicked man!! Love it!!!

rory said...

Nice Bats, I haven't read ASBatman, but have heard similar complaints. I think Mr. Reid really liked it, which is odd, because he usually hates everything unless it's 2000AD.:)

ryan cody said...

rawls - Thanks man, love to see your take on him!

rory - yeah, but I think it reads alot like Judge Dredd.