Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If you are a registered voter I urge you to vote. Not because I honestly believe in the system, or the fact that the electoral college is completely dated and useless, but because I want to believe my vote makes a difference. I really do. The first problem we have is that in today's day and age, a majority vote count is possible and would be more effective. Electoral votes, superdelegates, etc., all that crap could be done away with. The second problem is the way we vote, different states have different machines, in Arizona we have this ridiculous make a line form that seems could easily be loaded into a machine that is calibrated wrong and therefore ending up reading the vote wrong.

The electoral process needs a makeover in the worst way, it's painfully obvious. However, we must deal with the system in place so we do it. Go vote. Vote for who you honestly believe will do the best job. I'm not going to say who I voted for, but most people who know me will know who it is, and I'm proud of my candidate and my vote, even if I'm not sure I think it will really make a difference.


Jason C-M said...

I voted earlier. I did the mail-in vote thing, which rocked. It's the same stupid connect the line ballot, but you can do internet research on every ballot proposition, etc.

ryan cody said...

Exactly, I did the same thing. I took my time, researched even the judges up for retainer. Took about 2 hours total, but I felt good about it.

Stephen Reid said...

Became a citizen around two months ago. I voted early. No chance in heck of my candidate 'winning'...but he was better than the two 'major' ones.

oh well.

It was good to participate.