Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a snippet of some panels I'm finishing up.

I just wrapped up the tones and letters for Fata Obstant, thanks to those of you who have shown interest in the book, it's not the best art of mine by far, but it was an experiment to do the best I could do with hourly deadlines, so I think it turned out great in that respect. I am now coloring the Hurricane Kids book, I have a little over 2 weeks and I need to color 15 pages so hopefully I can get cracking on that this week, but it may be hard with the holidays. I try not to work on comics on the nights I spend with my girlfriend, but I may have to do that as well, to her delight I'm sure.

The interesting thing about both of these books is all the pressure I am putting on myself. I am self financing and self publishing these books so I have a self imposed deadline as well. These are very much personal projects as well, I don't honestly expect to sell more than a couple hundred copies of the Hurricane Kids book, and much less than that of the Fata Obstant book. I surely will not make much money on them, but I hope they can finance another small book I want to do, then another and so forth. As much as I want to do a monthly (or 2) book, or always have a project lined up with a publisher, I will always enjoy doing these short one-shots as well.

After these self published ventures, I'm diving headfirst into working on 2 projects for other publishers. Both are still pitches at this point but one is with a writer with a proven track record and with some early interest already from a publisher. The other I'm actually going to be writing with a sickengly good artist, who if I do my job even half decently we should have no trouble finding a publisher. So, here's to hoping for a good 2009 all around, I hope it will be my biggest year yet.

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Busy busy busy... great work my friend!!