Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silly blog, I still love you!

I have not forgotten about this blog, just been a little busy is all. Here is what I have cooking that has been keeping me busy.

The Hurricane Kids Super Spectacular! (January 2009); I have 2 pages to finish layouts/pencils on, then I have to ink/finish 13 of them and then color 17 pages. The cover is being finished this week by a wonderful colorist I met on Deviantart, I'll post it when it comes in.

Fata Obstant (January 2009); I need to illustrate the cover and add zip-tones to the last 12 pages and letter them.

After I wrap that up around the second week of December, it's on to my next project which, if everything goes according to plan, will be coming out next spring. I'll post more about that when things become concrete.


Stephen Reid said...

You're busy, busy, busy!

RAWLS said...

haha... silly blog.
Can't wait to see it man!!