Friday, February 27, 2009

Harry Potter

click for full size. The pencils and inks for this are available at the sketchjam!

I've mentioned in the past what a big Harry Potter fan I am. I know some of the writing in the books is geared toward the younger reader and it can be a bit derivative, but I am hooked on them like crack. I've probably read the first five books three times each, the other two only once and now I am making my way through all seven audio-books as I work at night. I will probably go through a whole series of characters over the next few weeks. One of my dream projects would be to work on a comic or cartoon based on the mythology of a group of Aurors. I would call the book The Marauders and it would feature some of the more adult characters from the book.

Going back to my previous post about my lack of geek, well here is where I totally geek out. I caught the last movie on a midnight showing and I'll probably do the same for the Half-Blood Prince.

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