Monday, March 30, 2009

Emerald City, here I come!

I am super excited about heading up to Seattle this weekend for the Emerald City Comicon. I'll be sitting at table H. I will have copies of the Hurricane Kids Color Special, Fata Obstant (my 24 hour day comic), and also very limited quantities of the Villains: Thick as Thieves trade (only $7) as well as The Sketchjam Vol.1 sketchbook. I'll be doing con-sketches and taking commissions as well, email or leave a message if you are interested in getting on the list early. The HERO Initiative will also be selling a very limited edition ECC sketchbook that I contributed to, with a color cover by Time Sale.

For more information on ordering The Hurricane Kids or Fata Obstant, please visit

I'll also be able to see one of my best friends in the world and hopefully eat some good Japanese food. I'll be sure to post a con report afterwards and possibly squeeze some art in before I leave, if possible


RAWLS said...

Have fun!

Scott Godlewski said...

I've never had Japanese food. I'm pretty sure, anyway. Looks good.

Have fun and get us a job!

ryan cody said...

Japanese meat dishes are the best. I'm not pick on veggies but chicken or pork katsu, curry and soba are delicious. Never really found a great place around here though.

Brian Meredith said...

I'm looking forward to having you at the show, Ryan. Beers are on me!

ryan cody said...


Stephen Reid said...

Good luck!

I hope you sell out!

Steve Saunders said...

Hey it was awesome meeting and hanging with you, man! I'll drop you a line soon... and stuff.