Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Emerald City Report

Emerald city was a fun time, if not a successful money making con, although I really am happy to make any money when I don't really have trades to sell and nobody has heard of me. Most people are saving their money to get sketches from the other amazing artists in attendance, and I can't blame them. I did however get to meet a handful of great fans and supporters and I did a smattering of sketches over the two days, mostly on Saturday. The con itself was great, lots of traffic and nice people. I spent much of my time talking inking with the very selfless and endearing
Stefano Gaudiano
whom I was seated next to. He and I have very similar ideas about inking and very similar methods of how we work. His inks are bold and loose, yet each line seems to serve a purpose and he inks some of Marvel's biggest books, so I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I'm not going to be dropping names or anything, but the con was very successful for me in that I got to meet and get face time with some publishers and editors, and I have a renewed hope for my creator owned work as well as some future freelance gigs as well. I enjoyed hanging out with my friend D, and his lovely wife who kept me fed pretty well. Thanks to
Robbi Rodriguez, Brian Meredith and all the fine folks at Emerald City and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Also today I received my comp of
POPGUN Vol.3 from Image Comics. Other than a pin-up or two, this is my first published work at Image and is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. It is also my published debut as a writer (other than self-published books), so I'm happy about that as well. Please pick up a copy if it's within your budget.

More con pics here.


Scott Godlewski said...

Congrats, brother! It sounds like a good time.

RAWLS said...

Great job man!!

David said...

Great story in PopGun! Well done.

ryan cody said...

Thanks Scott and Darren, and right back at you David, loved your Marfa story.

rory said...

Hey man, congrats on the PopGun work! And it must be nice getting out to the cons, ya' lucky bastich!

Brian Meredith said...

It was great having you at the show, Ryan. next year will be even better... :)

ryan cody said...

Rory - it's probably the only con other than Phoenix I will do until I get something out (that people actually buy) I can promote. It worked out well that I get to visit old friends at the same time.

Brian - I'm already looking forward to it!