Monday, April 13, 2009

Review of My Popgun 3 story.

With my work on Villains, all of the reviews were almost universally positive and glowing and much of that had to do with the story. Most who commented on the art sounded a lot like this , serviceable and nice and serves the story. I am happy with my art serving the story, that's my job after all. Here is the first and possibly only review of my Popgun 3 story, which only encompasses 8 pages out of almost 500, so I don't know how many more will be coming.

"King’s Hollow: The Trade"
Review by Corwin Crowl

Writer/Artists: Ryan Cody
Colorist: Anthony Nixon
Letterer: Fonografiks
Page 453

I am going to take a guess that this story is part of a larger story. There is not any kind of explanation of who the characters are or the overarching purpose of their mission. A girl named Nissa is sent out to make a trade with a some kind of giant, however she was never given anything to trade with. Ryan Cody created a simple and quick story with simple yet serviceable pencils and color. His style is also unique and works for the type of story he is telling. There are varying degrees of interesting characters and a lot can be inferred from their conversations. The story takes place in 1943 with a war going on but magic and fairies are also real. While interesting the story does not have any real feel of payoff. It is more like a tease for what is to come next.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Average)

A couple thoughts as I generally enjoy all reviews and this is neither a great one or a bad one and actually sums up my feelings on the story as well. The story is part of a much larger whole, but I wanted it to be accessible but also encourage people who liked it to seek out future stories with these characters (or the past short story, which is still available thru The characters weren't introduced or explained due to space constraints, although I think it reads fine, of all the stories in Popgun, 99% featured unknown characters or ones that were new to the reader. This story was never made to be an epic in 8 pages, so it's fair to say it is simple, as is the art. I do like that the reviewer gained some knowledge of the characters through their conversation as I was hoping people would be able to form a rough idea of the their dynamics. The fact that it ends as a bit of a tease is what I wanted, again hoping it would garner interest in this world I'm creating. I think that review is actually dead-on for the most part. I wish my foray into Popgun was a bit stronger, but I'm satisfied with it and I hope others are as well. One thing that bugged me though was this, "
The story takes place in 1943 with a war going on". The story is set in England in 1943 (via a caption on page 1), and the mention of humans at war is made on page 2, so I thought it would be easily identified as happening during WWII. Setting these fantasy stories in real time and in the real world is one thing I really wanted to accomplish.

And as for those intersting character? Look for Cara de Fantasma (the Ghostface character) to show up again in Popgun 4 or 5 later down the line.

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Scott Godlewski said...

Cool, man. If she took exactly what you wanted her to take from this story, then there's a good bet others will as well.