Monday, December 28, 2009

Moonstone Sketch cards

Here are some of the cards I recently did for Moonstone and 5finity productions. I did some kick-ass versions of Watson (from Sherlock Holmes) that Moonstone canned afterward, but overall it was a pretty fun project.

As always, click for full size. I'll be back on Thursday to liveblog my annual New Years/Birthday tradition of downing as many Irish Car Bombs as possible before falling asleep. Good times!


houseofduck said...

those are some seriously cool cards. Love the one of the Phantom's Fist the most.

Scott Godlewski said...

I'd love get my hands on one of those Phantoms or Spiders.

Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work you have here! Really amazing!

If you have time, I invite you to watch my art work at

Best Regards

Rui Sousa