Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Thursday and Friday was spent camping with my son's 6th grade class in southern Arizona. I had a great time hiking and spending time with him. Here is a shot from our hike in the Chiracua mountains.

Then on Saturday morning I hightailed it back to Mesa to take part in the Atomic Comics/HERO Initiative Wolverine 100 signing and book release.

Mike Malve, owner of Atomic Comics and HERO Initiative board member, Patrick Sherberger, Tony Parker and Scott Godlweski all holding down the fort and kicking ass.

Ben Glendenning, Tone Rodriguez, Patrick and Tony all sketching and having a good time. We moved a bunch of hardcovers and had a great time sketching in them and talking to all the people who showed up. It was a win/win for us and HERO.

My Atomic Comics HERO signing photo gallery - lots of insanely cool Wolverine sketches.
HERO Initiative


Scott Godlewski said...

It's nice to get outside once in a while. Atomic was fun. I need a D&D!

rory said...

Hey, just wishing you a good Holidays! Looks like your UFC picks were right on. I saw a Strikeforce fight on Showtime the other night that really impressed, pretty entertaining, even if I didn't know much about some of the fighters. Big John McCarthy was a ref, wondered what had happened to him....

ryan cody said...

Thanks guys, there's going to be a Drink and Draw sometime in the first couple weeks of January, count on it!

Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...

looks lige fun =)