Friday, February 19, 2010

UFC 110 Predictions

There are some fighters I like and I'm looking forward to seeing this weekend, so I thought I'd post some picks and uneducated analysis.

Big Nog vs. Cain Velasquez - I have never seen a fighter be able to take as much punishment as Nogueira, he'll take a beating while setting up his ground game or biding his time. I think his loss to Frank Mir had a lot to do to injury but with that said, I'm going with the slight underdog Velasquez. I have been impressed with Cain's wrestling ability and that will give him control of the fight. He threw Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo around the octagon like they were in a different weight class. Nog will be his toughest fight, but I think he can control the match and get a slight edge. So I'm going Cain by split decision.

Michael Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva - Even though Wanderlei has lost several recent fights, they have all been against elite competition. Bisping has stepped up to elite competition once and got his ass handed to him by Dan Henderson. I think Bisping is always going to be the third of fourth best in his weight class in the UFC, but I don't think he can take Wanderlei, and he would get completely outclassed if he fought Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort or even Rich Franklin. I don't think Wanderlei takes this easily, but I do think he wins via TKO. Silva easily wins the battle of most awesome fight names as well. The Count should lose to the Axe Murderer.

George Sotiropoulos v. Joe Stevenson - I don't really care much about this match-up but I hope Sotiropoulos wins just because Joe Daddy is talking about getting another shot at BJ Penn soon and I think that would be hazardous to his health. BJ licked Stevenson's blood off his gloves after their last fight, a rematch would end even more badly for Joe.

Keith Jardine v. Ryan Bader - Much like Cain Velasquez has the wrestling pedigree to dominate a match, so does Ryan "Darth" Bader. Jardine has a weird stand up style that may give some fighters the fits, but Ryan will just take him to the mat and work him over. I'm thinking Ryan Bader by decision.

Stephan Bonnar v. Krzysztof Soszynski - I think The Polish Experiment takes this one and Stephan Bonnar is finally let go by the UFC. They have showed him tremendous loyalty thus far in his career, but he cannot seem to put together the wins. Soszynski by desision.

Brian Foster v. Chris Lytle - I'll go with the underdog and pick Foster. No real reason other than Lytle likes to stand and Foster is a wrestler, so he can take Lytle down and grind out a decision.

Goran Reljic v. C.B. Dolloway - CB is another local guy like Ryan Bader, but he does not have the talent that Bader does. I think Goran Reljic sends CB and his lip curl out of the UFC. Reljic by TKO.


Craig Zablo said...

Excellent choices. I'll post mine later today.

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