Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Projects that never happened....

Here is a list of projects that I blogged about roughly four years ago or so. Most were unpaid, some offered great opportunity I thought and others just seemed fun. I thought it might be fun (and sad) to go back and update these projects now. Original list in red, current status in bold.

October 2006
- 10 page bonus story for the Villains trade
Finished & included in Villains:Thick as Thieves TPB

- Compose and put together Villains trade – Deadline November 1

November 2006
- Illustrations for Actionopolis book. – Deadline November 30
Never went beyond a handful of illustrations, mostly my fault for not being able to really supply what they wanted. Would have been fun to work with Shannon Denton & Doug Moench.
- Legendary Anthology Project Pages – Deadline January 1
I turned in my story but the anthology never got picked up anywhere, I eventually ran my story in the Hollow one-shot I put out through my Super75Comics brand.

December 2006
- "Jackpot” pitch*
Never got picked up, I was just a hired gun on this one.
- Unnamed Alter-Cody pitch
I can't even really remember what this was, Grant and I shot around so many ideas. Probably no art ever done for it.

January 2007
- Launch Top-Secret web-comic - I did launch a very short lived web-comic called Coral City Aeronauts but I burned out on it. I plan to go back to it someday as a series of short stories.

Projects waiting to hear back from publishers -

Empty Glasses – Written by me, Art by Federico Milella
This one had legs. A couple US publishers liked it and an Italian publisher was interested as well. The artist got bogged down by work and it sort of lumbered off into limbo. It was shame.

The Society of Modern Vengeance – by myself and others, tentatively scheduled for a 2008 release. Again, I had a publisher interested initially but it never really took off, still an idea I like and a title I LOVE. Developed with Adam Cogan, the writer of Villains.

So this just goes to show how often projects fall through, that why I have learned not to talk about them too much until I can see a realistic release date. With that said, I just wrapped a new pitch that I think has a good shot and I'm about to move on to illustrating a new graphic novel for a small publisher, but one with an established fan base so hopefully that all works out accordingly. Don't forget to check out My Daily Sketchjam for all my daily sketches, I've recently posted a few teasers, some Legionnaires and a bunch more.


charlieclark said...

to bad there was some fun stuff in there what happened to the new villains?

Ryan Cody said...

Never had the time and Adam is pretty busy as well. Hopefully someday.

Scott Godlewski said...

I want to see The Society of Modern Vengeance.

Ryan Cody said...

Scott - I just now realized that it was supposed to say Society of Modern Vigilance. Vengeance is good too I suppose. It was conceived of as concept-tied anthology book.