Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drive-thru comics. now carries my comic Icarus. I write, draw, color and even letter this adventure/superhero/assassin comic and have gotten some great reviews on it. If you have not picked it up yet, it's only $1 and the money I make will help me move forward with the series. Issue #2 is in production and should be out the end of next month.

"Icarus #1 is a somewhat gritty assassin comic where there are solid characters being introduced. Cody's illustrations are a perfect fit for the subject matter. " - Jonathon Pilley -

"Wow. This first issue blew me away. I was really, really surprised with this one. Written, drawn, inked and created all by Ryan Cody; ICARUS #1 is an intriguing first issue that zigs when you think it'll zag and continues to leave you spinning right up until the last page. Fans of Dini's BATMAN ADVENTURES, Bendis' POWERS, Brubaker's SLEEPER, and Eisner & Cooke's THE SPIRIT (books I hold in very high regard) will definitely find ICARUS as much of a surprise as I did." - Ambush Bug

"His style has the same crime noir feel that Michael Oeming's Powers has, which works well for the story. There is a definite secret and conspiracy feel to this title, and the art direction definitely complements that theme." - Jonathon Chuang -

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