Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back on the train.....

I figure I use blogger for every other blog I have, so why not this one too, if you have my LJ bookmarked, please change it to this. It's hot, I'm depressed and I just found this photo on Flickr of me @ the Phoenix CactusCon. The artist next to me never removed his glasses all weekend.

I also briefly got to meet Ron Garney!

and here are a bunch of local guys, Shannon Denton (Actionopolis!), Mike Bulloc, Illustrator Tony Parker and Raven.

Terry Austin, Brett Blevins and Mike Manley

here's Billy Tan making like $150 bucks..............

I am sad.

I also wanted to mention a really great postcard (scan) that I got from my friend John from his brother Danny. Danny is over in Irag (maybe Afghanistan?) and John had sent Danny some copies of Villains to read. Danny really enjoyed them and said everyone else did too and he asked that John forward along copies of #4 as well, so that made me feel really proud. While I don't support the war, I do support the troops, and I hope Danny stays safe and I plan to buy him a few beers next time I see him in Vegas.

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