Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How I wish I got paid for all of these things.....

I decided to compile my schedule of projects so I could really set my mind straight and get geared up for the next few months. On the two projects I will be pitching (along with writers), I will usually only do a handful of pages to shop around, and then, when and if the projects finds a home, I will start full production on them. The funny thing about doing all these projects is that there is an equal chance that all of them could get picked up by publishers or that none of them could, so I like to keep alot on my plate. These projects do not include ongoing freelance illustration gigs and my teaching stuff.

send me money.
hire me for something.

October 2006

- 10 page bonus story for the Villains trade

- Compose and put together Villains trade – Deadline November 1

November 2006

- Illustrations for Actionopolis book. – Deadline November 30

- Legendary Anthology Project Pages – Deadline January 1

December 2006

- "Jackpot” pitch*

- Unnamed Alter-Cody pitch

- Legendary Anthology Project Pages – Deadline January 1

January 2007

- Launch Top-Secret web-comic

Projects waiting to hear back from publishers –

Empty Glasses – Written by me, Art by Federico Milella

The Society of Modern Vengeance – by myself and others, tentatively scheduled for a 2008 release.

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