Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Great Lobster Chase

In my house, the bathroom is situated between 2 bedrooms, so to use the bathroom one must pass through the boy's room. The following scene took place last night at about 1am as my wife passed through - (this is paraphrased as I was a room away and partially asleep, but it went something like this....)

Sexy Wife goes creeps through the mess of the boy's room on her way to the restroom...

Ash, Age 8 (waking up) - "Mommy?, I had a dream and there was a lobster chasing me."

Sexy Wife - "oh wow Ash, that's a crazy dream."

Ash - "It didn't catch me but it tried to sting me with it's stinger."

Sexy Wife - "Lobsters don't have stingers baby, they have claws."

peeing sound coming from the bathroom...

Ash - "Yeah, but I tore it off so he couldn't get me."

Sexy Wife - "Did you eat the lobster tail?"

Ash - "No, I'm not going to drink poison, I'm not stupid."

Overweight Dad laughing his ass off a room away....

Aiden, Age 6, (waking up, tired and cranky) - "Aaaaasssshhh..... you woke me up shithead."

Overweight Dad nearly pissing himself in bed.........

happy Thursday and thank god Hockey Season is back.

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