Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Doji-Giri

Here is a page for my Legendary Anthology story, it's called the Doji-Giri and hopefully this anthology will be out later this year. I did 6 pages in it.


Ungeheier said...

What happened to the Viper Snake Bites blog? I get redirected to another website now. Is it dead?

Ryan Cody said...

Viper moved it to their server or something, it's at http://www.vipercomics.com/snakebites/
but I along, with everyone else pretty much never post to it.

Ungeheier said...

That sucks. It was an interesting idea.

The old RSS feed didnt stay online long enough to get me to the correct url. Thanks!

Kelsey said...

Hey bro, thanks for the comments. You know, I'm an idiot. I remember meeting you at a con and didn't I see you at one of Nick Derrington's parties in Austin?
Anyway, I'm just now putting 2 and two together and remember where I know you from. Stay away from drugs kids.

I still haven't finished that damn Hellblazer pic. Next week for sure.

Great work here bud! I'll definitely be check in.