Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Phoenix Comic-Con wrap up.

The weekend started on a sour note as my posters for Coral City Aeronauts still hadn’t arrived. It eventually turned out that I shouldn’t have worried. I got to the convention center in time for “Preview Night”, and once the doors open I chatted with some people but ultimately it was a wasted effort. 90% of the artists went to a dinner (to which I was not invited) and I wasn’t about to pay the $40 for a meal I probably wouldn’t eat (I’m a pseudo-vegetarian), so I packed it up and just went home after Preview Night ended.

Saturday was still slow for me, I had the trade of Villains available, but with the last Phoenix conRob Osborne who was a local guy up until a while ago, and he was super cool and very genuine and his sketchbook is the shit so I recommend getting it. I look forward to catching up with him again in the future. Nobody draws a secret agent Abe Lincoln in an eye-patch like Rob. Hopefully someday we could see a Super Agent Abe mini or something by him, I’d pick it up, that’s for sure. I sold some trades on Saturday and its always cool that even though the book doesn’t sell as well as I had hoped, the people who do get it love it, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Saturday night I tagged along with Shannon Denton to dinner with Phil Hester, Andy Kuhn and novelist Derek Benz & his lovely wife. It was a great time just shooting the shit and talking about comics and shit. only 4 months ago, I had already sold the first 4 issues to most of my potential audience, and I had no prints of Goth or Manga characters that would cater to 80% of the convention goers. I did get to finally meet

Sunday was very slow as I anticipated but I did give a copy of my VILLAINS trade and a piece of original Hellboy art to Mike Mignola, a bit geeky, but he was very kind (even though I interrupted his lunch) and gave me a sketchbook and thanked me for the art. I got the chance to catch up with local bloggers, retailers and comic fans, local creators like Mike Bullock, Dan from SteamCrow and I even got yelled at by Raven, so it was a pretty cool day all in all. Financially the con wasn’t great, but it was an overall good experience and helped re-invigorate me for some upcoming projects.


Daniel said...

It was cool to see you again, Ryan.

I'm super excited about your Coral City Aeronauts... get it rollin! You make me wanna wear goggles tall leather gloves.

Thanks too, for always being so cool to my kid. You = class.

Stephen Reid said...

I shot you an email.

Good stuff, btw.