Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sketch Cover

I had a chance to do something really cool this morning, Mike Malve is the owner of Atomic Comics which is probably the biggest retailer in the southwest with several stores and tons of publicity. I've done a few things with him over the last year and he emailed several artists asking us if we wanted to do something for the HERO initiative. I was happy to and it turned out that Marvel is doing this thing with HERO where they wanted to get 100 artists to hand draw "sketch" covers for Ultimate Spider-Man #100 and then they will auction them off for the charity. Well, Marvel came up a bit short and asked Mike to see if he could pitch in, so he contacted me and BAM! I did a sketch cover for USM #100. Below is my initial sketch I thought of and the final. The design is terrible with the Ultimate Venom logo behind him, but I like the character, hopefully someone will bid on it when the time comes. I'm in amazing company as guys like Mike Wieringo, Mark Bagley, Todd McFarlane and many other top pros have contributed, so I thought that was cool, I can't wait until they all get posted so I can see how everyone else schooled me.


Ungeheier said...

Looks awesome! You're definitely making a 'look' for yourself. We'll all be able to go into a comic book store, look at a cover and know that you did it. Good stuff.

Ryan Cody said...

thanks man!