Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Diary - Thursday

I feel like I should post something to get into a rythym of some kind. I made the decision, for the first time in years to put together a proper portfolio to show around to try and line up some more work. My first target is the Marvel Adventures line, I got a script from one of the MA writers so I'm going to pencil a few pages from that. Meanwhile, I am also putting together some inking samples as well. So I spent tonight inking a 'Ringo pin-up and a Kirby Thor page. Here's a shot of my table -

Since I don't have an 11x17 printer, I printed up the Kirby page in 3 parts and I'll put it together in Photoshop.

Also, I got the hardcover collection of Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project from Marvel & The Hero Initiative yesterday. Once again I can't believe how great it was to be a part of this thing, and the book will only raise more money for the charity. To date it has raised over $81,000. Here's a quick shot of my page in the book, it's alphabetical so I'm next to the amazing Frank Cho.

Tomorrow night is the first ever Phoenix Drink and Draw session, so I'll post about that over the weekend.


Benjamin Hall said...

That's great!!

Right next to Cho is a great place to be!

Looking good buddy!

rory said...

Dude, Those Thor pages look great! Look forward to seeing you at the D&D.