Monday, August 13, 2007

A sad day

I heard this morning that Mike Wieringo died yesterday from a heart attack. I never knew Mike personally but I did exchange an email or two with him in the past and I never heard a bad word about it from a fan or a pro. By all accounts, one of the best guys around. Whenever I feel like I need to decompress and ink something, to loosen up or to study how another artist spots blacks, I always grab and image from Mike's blog and use that. His blog posts were always insightful and honest and he always seemed just a tad bit sad that he wasn't doing more personal, creator owned stuff. I will miss him although I never knew him, and the industry just lost one of it's classiest creators. Here is a Tom Strong of his I inked earlier this year, and I totally screwed the right eye, but Mike only said nice things about it.

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rory said...

Nice inks,Ryan. I feel bad for his family and friends, it's a shocking loss.