Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 1

Stolen from the online edition of the AZ republic regarding Obama's speech last night to 13,000 Arizonians.

His speech sought to counter criticism that he is too new to Washington, D.C, and therefore too inexperienced.

His opponent, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, has often emphasized that she is ready to lead on "Day 1."

"We don't just need someone who is ready on Day 1," Obama told the crowd. "We need someone who is right on Day 1."

Now I'm done.


Stephen Reid said...

Oh dear...gettin' political huh?
You know McCain is gonna win anyhow, right?

Thanks for the shout out on the con visit.

I posted your sketches on the CGS board. It's in the Phoenix Cactus Con thread.

Benjamin Hall said...

I likes the Obama too.