Thursday, January 17, 2008

Villains 2

Sometime in 2008 -

I'd like to start posting more sketches, even quick digital doodles, but I'll probably do it on the sketchjam site and challenge those clowns to match.

Page 1 of Hollow -


charlieclark said...

challenge accepted

Da Mouf said...

I was just checking out your page. Found you on the comic con list, seeing who I would like to meet. Your more then on the list. I've never ran into your art before and I'm shocked. Love the style and the Comic book is going to be great. Always wanted to do one like this. I was going to call it Evil. Anyway, Names Trey and I'll see you at the Con.

ryan cody said...

Thanks Trey, I'll be selling Volume 1 of Villains for only $5, or $10 with a quick sketch. Quite the deal for a 144pg full color graphic novel. Hope to see you there.