Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Tuesday

I don't usually stray from my typical topics of art, self promotion and bad feet, but today I wanted to touch on something I have been feeling strongly about for a while now. Kazu mentions his thoughts on Barack Obama on his blog today and I felt the need to echo his sentiments here. The main purpose of a leader is to motivate and lead by example, that's why captains wear a "C" on their sweater, or the best teachers teach by demonstrating and inspiring. Super Tuesday is coming up next week and I personally feel the best option and best chance to regain the worlds', and more importantly our own, respect is Obama. If you have never heard the man speak, do yourself a favor and you will be sold. The fact is, no matter who wins the Democratic nod, it will be a minority going up against a juggernaut of tried and true, rich old man politics of the Republican Party and we'll need all the help we can get in November. The first step to that is choosing the best option to go against them, going into battle the best we can and I firmly believe Barack Obama is the nuclear bomb we need to arm ourselves with. Old white people don't need to be scared of change, the rich will stay rich, the bigots can stay bigoted, just give the other 99% of us a fighting chance. Go vote on Tuesday if you're a registered voter and support the system, flawed though it may be, it's currently the only one we have.

"We have an empathy deficit in this country that needs to be fixed." - Barack Obama (paraphrased)

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