Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's get to know each other...

For you handful of viewers, yes all 3 of you, I've decided to touch base and let you know what I'm up to, where to find me online, etc. A progress report if you will. I figure if Warren Ellis can do it every once in a while, then I surely can.

Name: Ryan Cody
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Currently Working on: 11-page short for CAKE V2. and Villains V2.
Upcoming Work: 8- page short in Popgun Volume 3 (December 2008?)
Favorite Tools: My wacom for layouts and coloring, photoshop, red pencil, bristol, Pentel Brushpens, and assorted pens.

My Daily Sketchblog
My Gallery on DeviantArt
Me on Myspace
Me on Facebook (?) I don't know how to find my direct link...
Me On Twitter

email me at hurricanekids(at)gmail

Feel free to please post your info in the comments section, let's get to know each other a little better. The we can save the world with harmony and song.


RAWLS said...

Hoooray!!... I know Ryan Cody!!! Your facebook link is simply the main profile page of your facebook.

RAWLS said...

ps. I sent you an email.

Ungeheier said...

Who is Warren Ellis?

ryan cody said...

Probably one of the top 3 most popular comic writers in the world -

Ungeheier said...

;) I was half-way kidding. I've heard the name, but I'm not sure if i've ever read anything he's written.

Oh, you should do that link thing on this blog too like the sketchjam.

Stephen Reid said...

Where's the entry about what color thong you wear?


ryan cody said...

I normally go commando Stephen.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

so who would you say the other two are? (bear in mind you said popular, not best)
Millar and Bendis?

charlieclark said...

Real Name: Charles W. Clark
Secret Location: Indianapolis, IN
Currently Working on: NDA
Upcoming Work: NDA
Favorite Tools: Wacom Cintiq, Mac Book Pro, Photoshop, Painter, 3 ply bristol paper, 2hb mono pencils, Crisma red pencils, Black Magic.

email me at charlieclark(at)gmail