Sunday, August 24, 2008

Top 5 Dream Jobs - #5

Totally and shamelessly ripped off from High Fidelity (a top 5 John Cusak movie, in at #5, with Better off Dead at #1 with Grosse Point Blank a close second and Say Anything in there at #3. The #4 pick goes to One Crazy Summer). So anyway, my top 5 dream jobs;

#5 - Mixed Martial Artist

I have become obsessed with MMA over the last few years. One of the bandwagon fans who got on board with everyone else, I'll admit that. I'll watch as many fights as I can and I follow the websites and I try to educate myself on the sport. I love watching a good knockout as much as the next guy, but the beauty in watching a submission expert make someone tap is even more exciting. I'm a bit old to start training now, but I would if I could find an affordable gym. Check out for a wide selection of fights. My favorite fighter and my pick for best pound for pound is probably a motivated and in shape B.J. Penn.

Some guys in their 30's want to be rock stars, I want to make someone tap out by armbar.


rory said...

Haha! Gotta' go with One Crazy Summer, I love that movie!

If you're still on my side of town you should come over for fight night, I usually always get the pay per views.

DJ Render said...

Cusack is underrated for sure. Those are all great flicks. I'd also add Pushing tin and Identity.

As for MMA, one of the appealing qualities is the massive variety of fighters and their backgrounds. Also, unlike the NFL or NBA, it seems like something you could do. If you used to wrestle in high school and are crazy enough, you could probably fight in mma somewhere.

toxicwes said...

Cusak rocks... you see War Inc. yet? kinda a rehash of Grosse Point Blank, but still funny and worth seeing.

I love the MMA too... only i don't have cable, so i've been reduced to watching Joe Rogan's recap show on saturday nights. :(

ryan cody said...

Rory - Very generous of the invite, I'll let you know if I ever can take you up on it, I usually have my kids on Saturdays though.

David - Yeah, I like Pushing Tin a lot, Identity too. I never did any sport in high school except soccer and skating and was mediocre at both.

Wes - I have cable at work and at my girlfriend's so we record everything and watch it afterwards.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I hate BJ Penn.. he's a real arse of a person which takes the shine off his ability for me..
best fighters (pound for pound)
GSP and Anderson Silva,
my personal favourites - Mac Danzig and Forrest Griffin

ryan cody said...

I like Forrest as a person, and love that he is Champ, but he's a bit boring in the ring. I think Danzig has a bright future in the LW division but he is the definition of an ass. Anderson Silva may be the best PFP in the world, I'll agree to that and I get more impressed every time I see him. BJ will take GSP's belt in January, I feel certain of that.

ryan cody said...

I'm watching a Forrest fight now, I take back the boring part.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

The first fight between Griffin and Bonnar (the end of the ult fighter first season) is still the best fight I've ever seen.. and I still think Bonnar squeaked a win in that one.