Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 5 Dream Jobs - #4

#4 - Comic Book Publisher

This is both selfish and creative. It would give me an outlet to put out my own work and other work I feel needs more attention. In my dream scenario I would be a successful publisher and success can be defined both creatively and financially, and I would need both. Financial success generally means that my books would be getting into the hands of the most amount of people, and that would be the goal. I have self published 2 books so far, both with just a small handful of a print run. In 2007 I published the SketchJam sketchbook along with 4 other artists and it was a mixed experience. I did not anticipate all the costs involved in dealing with artists from other countries, or all the headaches involved with wrangling and designing a book featuring 5 different artists. Early this year I self-published an issue of a book called HOLLOW, this time I did it solo and was much happier with the results. In January 2009 I will putting out a new Hurricane Kids book as well, with a new story by Grant Alter, art by me, with hopes of drumming up interest in that property again. I love the idea and creative control of it, I just hate the marketing end of it, trying to get people to pick it up and give it a chance. In my dream job as a publisher, some rich old man with nothing to do but throw money away will give me money to pay creators, a marketing department and offices. No need to half-ass it. There are plenty of publishers that make it, and many that don't, but it is an intriguing business and something I think about often.


RAWLS said...

Yo Ryan... are you guys self publishing Hurricane kids?

ryan cody said...

Just the odd issue or two. This type of book really needs to be in color and I can't afford that.

Naldoman said...

ITA on the publishing dream job. It's career priority #1 after winning the lotto. I'm not about people I think deserve to be published, but I would like to have a number of anthology mags to post material from people who are simply consistent in creating content, willing to work 7 days a week creating and able to tell complete stories. Of course, it would all have to be porn, tho....;)